Aruba Honeymoon/Buddymoon

So I have been Pretty MIA from my blog as I was busy getting married! Our wedding day was the most exciting, stressful, yet amazing and magical day a girl can experience. I will come back and share more of our wedding later, but I wanted to share our honeymoon/buddymoon in Aruba. My husband and I did 3 nights with just us two and 3 nights with 4 of our closest friends.

Our first day was a beach day. I couldn’t wait to just lay out and soak up the sun. Aruba is home to the most beautiful beaches especially Eagle Beach which was right where we stayed. The sand is so white and soft and the water is a beautiful turquoise. The pictures just do not do it justice.


The restaurants in Aruba were all so good we didn’t have one bad experience with food while we were down there. We were looking for a place to watch our New England Patriots play and we came across this beach bar called Carlitos. It was the perfect place to watch the game, the place became packed with Patriots fans so quickly and the food was delicious plus it was right on the beach how could you go wrong.

Another great and very well known restaurant we visited was the screaming eagle. My husband and I shared a very romantic dinner in their lounge bed which was basically like having dinner in bed. The food was unbelievable. We both got a type of fish and both of us agreed it was amazing. I would strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Aruba.

A last minute thing that my husband decided to do was to rent a UTV and take a tour around Aruba. We decided not to do the guided tour because there were certain spots we wanted to spend more time at then others and explore the island on our own terms. We thought this was a great idea until we got lost getting to our last stop. Lets just say it was definitely an experience. The island of Aruba has so many interesting things to see. Below I will share some pictures along with a short summary of each stop that we received from Arubiana, which is where we rented the UTV’s.

The California Lighthouse was our first stop and was designed by a french architect and constructed in 1914. Around the lighthouse is acres of stone-filled flat land called California White Sand Dunes. The lighthouse is named after the S.S. California a wooden sailing ship that sank near shore. It is known to be one of the best places to watch the sunset.

Bushiribana Goldmines Ruins was next on the tour. Aruba Island Gold mining company built the gold mill of Bushiribana in 1874. The area near the gold mill was excavated for gold and with a heavy hammer and crowbar the rocks containing the precious gold were released. They would then be put in a chest and were past from hand to hand to Bushiribana. But because of the lack of materials to refine the gold during World War I, the gold digging was stopped in 1916 and never resumed afterwards.

Our next stop was the Alto Vista Chapel. The original church was constructed in 1750 by the Caquetio natives and the Spanish and said to be the first church established in Aruba. This is the present day church, rebuilt in 1952, and is visited by Christians and non-Christians for meditation.

We then went to Arashi Beach, which is known for great snorkeling. Unfortunately,  we did not go snorkeling but it was a beautiful beach and worth the stop to explore.

Our last stop was the natural pool, which is the stop I was most excited for. A unique formation of rock, volcanic stone circles a small depression creating a tranquil pool called “Conchi” also known as the natural pool. However, I wouldn’t say the pool was tranquil, every time a wave came you had to hold on or you would be slammed against the rocks. It was still very cool to see and it is surrounded by very rough terrain so the only way to get to it is either on 4×4, by foot, or horseback. Getting here is also where we got lost!  On our way we also came across this unique looking cave. UTVing to all these landmarks was an adventure and a great way to explore the island!

As much as Victor and I love spending time together having our friends join us was probably the highlight of the trip. I know it sounds crazy a honeymoon with your friends, but our friends are amazing and we vacation with them often and always have so much fun. This vacation was a little different than what were normally used to, which is all- inclusive’s where you stay within your resort. We really wanted to explore Aruba so we opted not to do an all-inclusive. However, we very much missed the unlimited food and drink you get. Our friends decided that they were going to take us to RIU for the day, which is as you may have guessed an all-inclusive. We loved it and it was a beautiful resort and the best part was the unlimited food and drink all day! We had so much fun laying on the beach and hanging in the pool. Their food buffet had a lot of options and was very delicious. I tend to be picky when it comes to buffets at resorts, but this one exceeded my expectations. Another interesting thing about Aruba especially at the RIU was the amount of lizards everywhere from big ones to small ones and I mean everywhere!

Our Aruba Honeymoon/buddymoon was so much fun and we will definitely be back!

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