Weekend Recap- Georgia Trip

My husband is a big Georgia Bulldog fan and he has wanted to go to a game for so long so I surprised him with a weekend trip to Athens see a game! Let’s just say he was on cloud 9 all weekend.


We flew into Atlanta Georgia early afternoon and our first stop was the college football hall of fame. It was very cool to learn about the history of some of the best players and coaches through the years. I think my favorite part was seeing how the uniforms, helmets, and even how tailgating has changed throughout the years. Of course we could not leave without having some chick Fil-A.
After the college football hall of fame we went to centennial park to walk around a little bit before heading to Athens for our air bnb.

Saturday morning consisted of a wonderful breakfast made by Helen. She was the host of our air bnb we stayed at and let me tell you she was the best host making us feel right at home. She made us coffee and breakfast, how can you beat that?! We then went to a few stores to look at Georgia Bulldog gear. Victor got a nice new sweatshirt and we both go some tumblers for drinks. After, parked our car pretty early for the game so we could do some exploring at the UGA campus and downtown Athens both of which were incredibly beautiful and making me wish I went to college there!
Saturday Night The big game

I was pretty shocked at how big the stadium was, it was comparable to Gillette stadium. The fans are crazy, enthusiastic, dedicated, and so fun. People go all out which I love to see it just makes the whole overall experience that much better. I used to be a cheerleader so I had a lot of focus on them and the dancers. I love watching the spirit teams perform and they were very good! We played UMASS which ironically is very close to where we live so for me it seemed weird not routing for a team that’s part of New England but of course Victor was all about the Dawgs. We won 66-27 so I’d say we did pretty well! After the game we went to some bars in the area and experienced some night life in the college town.

We got up pretty early and the wonderful Helen made us breakfast and coffee to go! I am telling you she was just the best. We made our way back to Atlanta and visited the Georgia Aquarium where we got to see all kinds of marine life. I love Aquariums so to see a new one was very cool.

Athens you were great we’ll be back !

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