Trip to the Atlantis

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Back at the beginning of November I was lucky enough to go to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas with my Aunt, cousin, and my cousin’s friend. I had never been to the Atlantis before so I was very excited, I’ve heard so many good things about it.

When we arrived our room wasn’t ready yet so we had lunch in the little village nearby.

My aunt has a time share with the Atlantis so we stayed at Harborside Resort, which is right next to the Marina and the Marina Village. We then went by the pool that was right near our room and had tropical drinks to kick off our vacation! For Dinner we went to the buffet called Poseidans table and had a ton of food options to choose from, I made tacos. We also met Josh Reddick a baseball player for the Houston Astros. Josh and his fiancé were so friendly! We took some pictures with him and they were telling us about their vacation as they were leaving the next morning. My husband was very jealous that I got to meet him!

After Dinner we did some exploring, the actual resort itself is an aquarium and has beautiful architecture. As I have mentioned on this blog before I love aquariums so it was very exciting for me to see all the animals.


The next few days were filled with lying out in the sun, drinking tropical drinks by the pool, going down the river rapids, and other various water slides. We had amazing weather all week and pretty much had the place to ourselves. It’s the slow season for the Atlantis so there were no lines and the pools were not crowded at all. The only down side to the slow season is that some restaurants and the lazy river was closed. Otherwise, I definitely recommend coming during November.

The whole trip was awesome and it’s hard to pick just one favorite thing so I have a few highlights. We lived at The Current most days, which is a mile-long river that has fast rapid waters and rolling waves that goes all around the resort.

Another major highlight was swimming with the Dolphins. I was unsure of this because I had heard and read mixed reviews but it was amazing. We did in the water with the dolphins so we actually swam with them. They pushed us across the water with their noses and we got to swim while holding on to their fins! It was amazing! I unfortunately don’t have any pictures as we were all in the water and the photo machine was down. It was also our last day so we were unable to go back.

My third highlight was snorkeling! We ended up buying snorkels and swimming at cove beach, which is just as it sounds a cove in the ocean. There were so many beautiful fish and they swam right up close to you. I had never been snorkeling in the Caribbean before this trip and now I want to go every beach I go to.

The only negative was that the staff wasn’t very friendly and it was not all staff just most. My aunt and I think it has to do with the tax going up 5% for everyone just a few months earlier, which is a big jump. Overall it was a great vacation; I had so much fun and cannot wait to go back!

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