3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Sunday Mornings are for Pancakes. This morning we made what we like to call protein panckes. Its super easy and healthy to make and only 3 ingredient! We make these at home, when we go camping, and on vacation. Ive made them for my sister before and now she makes them all the time too.

Here is how to do it -> take your 3 ingredients
1. banana,
2. 2 eggs
3. one scoop of your favorite protien powder. I have used chocolate and vanilla powder to make these pancakes and both taste good.

To blend the ingredients I use a blender but i’ve also just mixed in a bowl when a blender wasnt available. Mixing just makes the pancakes a little more lumpy than when you blend the ingredients. One difference when making the protein pancakes versus regular pancakes is flipping them. It’s a little more difficult to flip them without breaking them. Once the pancakes are done add your favorite pancake topping. I usually heat up peanutbutter and drizzle it on top. Maple syrup and blueberry syrup also taste delicous!

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