Friday Favorites

I learn about some great products when other bloggers post about their favorite things, so I figured I would do the same and share mine !

Dry Shampoo

I don’t know about the rest of you but I hate washing my hair everyday, not only is not good for you but taking the time to style it. Who has time for that? That’s why I love dry shampoo, it’s a quick fix to greasy hair and keeps you looking good. My favorite brand is “Not Your Mothers, which can be found at most drug stores.
**Fun fact >> if you did not already know this your actually supposed to put dry shampoo in the night before. I recently found this out, but I feel like it still works at the time of use while you’re getting ready too.


I’ve always had this obsession with candles they smell so amazing and can just change the whole feel of a room. A friend of mine bought me a candle as part of our wedding gift that I fell in love with it. The smell was strong enough to fill the room and lasted long. It is now my new favorite candle! There is no name brand listed on the candle but they are from Bed Bath and Beyond and have a cork lid with plenty of smells to choose from.

Cabin Socks

It’s the time of year for cold weather and cold feet. Again another find that I got as a gift ! I got these cabin socks and they are so warm and comfortable that I bought more. They have the perfect amount of thickness and comfort to keep the feet toasty warm. Cabin Socks can be found at places like target and kohl’s.

Flavored Almond Milk Creamers

I love coffee and I can’t go a day without drinking any, but it can get expensive to buy it out all the time. I’m not a huge fan of cream in my coffee, I prefer almond milk and some good flavor to add that something extra. I started buying these flavored almond milk creamers at the store and they are delicious. Now I look forward to the coffee I make rather than buying one. I keep one at work and at home. So far my favorite is the caramel. These can be found at most local grocery stores.

True Crime Podcasts

I’ve been on a true crime/documentary kick lately, which led me to a few podcasts as well. The first is Dirty John. Dirty John also has a Tv docu series on bravo, but the podcast contains interviews with the real people involved. I wont ruin anything but not only is the story unbelievable but the ending is crazy. The other one I really enjoyed was Bear Brook. This was so interesting to hear because it took place in the town over from where I live. I listen to podcasts on iHeartRadio and Podcast one.

Final Snooze Update:

My three weeks have been completed and as I mentioned in my last post I hit the snooze button twice during the three weeks and that is the same for today. I continue to get more things done and I am early or on time for everything lately. Most importantly I get my workout completed in the morning. I do feel more awake on the mornings after I get enough sleep but still groggy if I go to bed later than I should be and I don’t feel a difference with this from not hitting snooze. I plan to continue to not hit snooze as I feel it has only benefited me.
On to the next challenge!
What should it be?

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