Mohegan Bachelorette Weekend Recap

Recap of my friend Haleigh’s Bachelorette Weekend at Mohegan Sun Casino!


After getting a quick workout in I got ready and headed down to Mohegan to meet up with the girls. I drove alone since we all had different schedules. I listened to my audio book, podcasts, and some music so it went by fast. I arrived around the same time as the bachelorette who came straight from the airport (she lives in South Carolina) and got to see the room all decorated! I  made the cutest hangover kits and the other girls did a great job decorating and making the room look special.

Hangover Kits Included : Pedialyte, chapstick, elastics, mints, bandaids, Emergen-C and Advil. The bags were from etsy and the supplies were from amazon and the local pharmacy.

After getting a quick bite to eat from subway while we waited for the rest of the girls we started getting ready for the concert! We went to see Jordan Davis and Old Dominion as the bride is a big fan of both. The concert was awesome and we all had so much fun.

But wait it gets better…… we got to meet Jordan Davis! I am a huge fan as well so I was pretty excited! He brought us whiskey shots to all do together and he was so down to earth.

After the excitement of meeting Jordan we walked around Mohegan and grabbed some late night pizza before heading back to the hotel.


Saturday morning we got up and had brunch at hash house a go go and it was absolutely delicious. I got my usual eggs over easy with home fries.

After brunch we explored Mohegan and made a plan for that night. We went back to the hotel took a nap, played games, and had some girl talk before getting ready for the night.

We went to dinner at the coolest looking restaurant at Mohegan called Tuscany’s located right in the center and looks similar to a cave. I had a delicious espresso martini.

After dinner we went and did a little gambling but not much as none of us are really gamblers. Then went to go dance at vista lounge another very cool looking place in the center of one of the casinos. After vista lounge we went to Landsdowne Irish Pub for the band (this one was my favorite).  We ended the night at Avalon night club, it’s not a bachelorette without going to a night club right? Drinks and dancing was the perfect girls night to celebrate Haleigh.


Haleigh had to catch her flight so we woke up, packed up, and went home. Since I had my own car I was able to visit my aunt and cousins that live close by Mohegan.


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