My 30 Day Water Challenge

My second challenge of 2019 is the water challenge. I have been quite dehydrated lately and I feel it is really starting to affect my body. I am not the biggest fan of water so I am really not drinking enough of it throughout the day. Because of this, I have decided to challenge myself for 30 days making sure I get at least 64 oz of water per day. After the 30 days are up I will share how I felt different and how I got through the month drinking something I am really not a big fan of.

After doing some research I have learned that there is so many benefits of water!

  • Brain Function
  • Physical Performance
  • Increasing your metabolism
  • Reduce appetite
  • Provide Energy
  • Weight loss/ management
  • Good skin complexion
  • Prevents cramps, sprains, and headaches.

I cant wait to see the difference in my body!

If you have any tips on how I can drink more water throughout my day please share !


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