About Me


Hi I’m Kendra. I work full time as an Administrative Coordinator for a large hospital and part time at a retail store. I am married to a wonderful man named Victor and have our little baby girl Lucy.

I am not a chef, dietitian, photographer, writer, or expert by any means. I am just a busy girl trying to eat healthy, stay active, and just keep myself somewhat together. I started this blog after finishing my master’s degree and getting married. My life was sort of in chaos during that time and I was straight out all day everyday. While things have slowed down I am still very busy and have slowly found some balance in my life. After lots of trial and error I have found and continue to find ways to still do all the fun things I love doing, while also staying active and eating healthy. Through this blog I want to share with people easy ways to get through your busy life with easy, simple recipes, and just life tricks I have stumbled upon along the way.